Instrument Competency Check

The instrument competency check given by Stephen Hammers involves more safety awareness and training than what is expected by the FARs. The IPC checkout can be given in all types of aircraft.

Oral Instruction and Evaluation 1.5 Hours

  • IFR Planning
  • Enroute Charts and Approach Plates
  • Airspace and Airport Clearance Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures

Practical Flight Instruction and Evaluation 2.0 Hours (depending on experience and currency)

  • Airway and Radial Intercept
  • Holding Procedures
  • Instrument Approaches - Controlled and Uncontrolled Airports (GPS, VOR, ILS and ADF depending on equipment)
  • Unusual Attitudes
  • Emergency Procedures (includes partial panel)

Cost $250 for single engine and $285 for multi engine aircraft
Additional training beyond 3.5 hours: $75 per hour for single engine and $85 per hour for multi engine aircraft
*Travel Expenses not included